Different Types of Modern and Stylish Tiles to Choose From

Modern architectural designs are currently in demand, especially with homeowners who search for artistic, newer, and energy-efficient roofing systems. The reliable contractors from Kenosha Roofing Company are willing to recommend the best and suitable contemporary roofing system according to your needs since they are timeless yet naturally simple. In this article, we will tackle some of the most used contemporary tile styles. Here are the following: 

Concrete or clay roofs 

 Tile roofs are a kind of expensive investment, particularly if you select clay tiles over the concrete ones. Despite the fact that it’s costly, it could be worth it in the end due to the benefits it offers, such as fire safety, longevity, durability, energy-efficient, improves the curb appeal, and low maintenance above all. 

Clay tiles are manufactured from baking molded clay. The density of the tiles is contingent on the baking duration and temperature. The most used colors of clay tiles include white, yellow, orange, and brown. Also, terra-cotta is the most typically utilized contemporary color. 

Meanwhile, concrete tiles are usually created from water, sand, and cement. After they are mixed, the tile blocks are formed under heat and high pressure. Concrete tiles could mimic other materials for roofing like slate, wood shake, stone, and clay tiles. 

Fiber cement roofs 

These materials have been utilized as siding material before. Now, it’s becoming more popular and it is recognized as one of the greatest roofing selections. It’s made of cement, cellulose fibers, and sand. Its increase in popularity happened because it can endure the sea salt air of the area. Moreover, it properly sustains against severe weather conditions.  


One of the most sustainable materials used for roofing that’s available in the market is metal. Not only metal roofs are produced from recycled materials. However, it could be recycled as well when they’ve done their main purpose. Also, a metal roof could be set up on your current roofing. This type of roof is versatile, aesthetic, durable, and low-maintenance. Well-sought roofing tiles include those that are made of aluminum, steel, zinc, tin, and copper.  


On top of the fact that slate is water-resistant and very durable, its inherently cleft surface gives great variations of colors all over your roof. This type of tile does not produce pollutants while manufacturing since it is created from natural stone. 

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